I was inspired and exhilarated by the Women’s March last weekend, but our work is just beginning. It’s the first week under President Trump, and already everything and everyone we care about is under threat.

What can we do about it?

We need to go local to our individual Congressmembers and US Senators in California and all other states to call upon them to protect our hard-fought rights. They must protect reproductive health for all –both rich and poor; protect immigrant families from being torn apart by false claims of criminal behavior and just simple racism; protect access to affordable healthcare for all, and more.

  • Take action via the Women’s March 10 Actions in 100 days campaign. Send postcards to your Senators about the issues you care most about.
  • Make 5 calls to your Congressmembers and US Senators every day.
  • Find out how to more effectively influence Congress by reading the Indivisible Guide and joining a local group.
  • Consider running for office! Run For Something is a new organization encouraging progressives under 35 to run for office, but there are many other organizations out there for people of all ages that will help you run for the first time. If you would like support, advice or encouragement please write back and I’d be happy to share what I learned the hard way.

And, if you are in a position to do so, contribute to the organizations who will help in these efforts!