So proud to have been honored with a speaking opportunity at yesterday’s incredible March for Women’s Lives rally in downtown Los Angeles. Marching with my Santa Barbara, Ventura and Angelino brothers and sisters in the largest rally in the nation—some 750,000 men, women and children strong was an awe-inspiring and uplifting experience.

And when gridlock occurred, because no one anticipated or was prepared for three-quarters of a million people descending on downtown Los Angeles on a Saturday morning, we all stayed calm, polite and respectful of each other. There was no pushing, or shouting or disrespect. When a few participants felt faint or physical distress, we all came together as a kind and loving community to give aid and support.

This is the compassionate and caring America I know and love. Where we come together as a community to help, uplift and inspire each other to be the best we can be; to be lifted by that sense of shared purpose and vision; to embrace everyone who cares about this country’s future and all the people who make up the incredibly diverse quilt of cultures, races, religions, ethnicities and orientations. A very proud and humble day, to be sure!

And finally, a shout out and thank you to the Los Angeles Police Department for their very low-key presence at the event. While you were clearly surprised at the size of the crowd, you were appropriately invisible and respectful as those assembled expressed our most fundamental first amendment rights to speak out in sharing our demands, concerns and disappointments with the bitter, hateful and angry redirection of this country under Donald Trump’s administration.

Mr. Trump: We have hope, not fear in a better future. Do not take us down the dark path of hatred, exclusivity and intolerance that you spoke of in your Inaugural speech. We are Americans. We can do and be better. You saw it yesterday around the country and world. It is time for you to stop tweeting and start listening to the voice of your people. Yesterday was a clear and dramatic statement from America that this is the direction we want you to take. Do not ignore the millions of voices speaking spontaneously and loudly as you take the reins of power.

We are watching, we are listening……and we will not be ignored.