Today I wear black

Today I wear black

Today I wear black as the most unprepared, unqualified and unstable President in my lifetime is sworn in as President of the most powerful nation in the world.

And while today is a day of mourning for the advances and values that have made our democracy the envy of the people of the world, there is little time to grieve. We have much work to do.

Tomorrow we march. Then we organize; we fight for justice, equality, respect for all our people and peace in the world.

We will hold this President, his Cabinet and the Congress of the United States accountable for the safety, health, freedom opportunity and success of our principles and values during the time they have the power to impact our lives.

To make them accountable, we must support the responsible media by subscribing to them so they can continue to flourish and exist in a time where propaganda has replaced fact and news. We must support organizations that will speak truth to power by litigating our rights and protections through the judicial process. We must seek out and engage those in so-called “red-states” to be clear on what is and is not fact and not succumb to threats and fear-mongering in making their electoral decisions. We must hold all our elected officials accountable by calling them out when they misrepresent, mislead or follow money rather than the needs of their constituents. We must persist and resist over the time period this administration exists and fight for saner, more compassionate and more respectful leaders to replace what has just become the leadership of our great nation. The direction of our nation is dangerous for all humankind and our planet at this moment in history.

We can and we must do better.