Unbowed and unbroken

Unbowed and unbroken

We know what we’re up against: the right wing agenda that is taking over as a result of a Republican congress and an unstable, unprepared and unqualified national leader who has said and signaled that he will be dismantling many of the programs that Californians have supported, and which led to the landslide victory here in California for Hillary Clinton.

Many across the country are looking to California and our strong progressive presence for leadership and direction. California represents a beacon of light and hope.

As we wait with anxiety at what we will have to endure as this reality TV personality takes over the federal government, it is my commitment and intention not to be silent; to be strong, forthright and clear on what we are doing to combat the backward policies and politics that will undermine the middle class, set women and minorities back decades and threaten the health and safety of the planet. It will be a policy of persistence and resistance.

We here in California are committed to standing tall and strong. It is my hope that by sharing my work and thoughts, it will provide energy and determination not to be silent or complicit and help support the commitment to keep California the “state that invents the future” for all people who commit to working hard, playing by the rules and doing their best!

There are things you can do now to fight back:

  • Donate to the organizations of your choice—those who are threatened directly by the Trump policies, and those who will litigate against anticipated excesses and violations of our civil and constitutional liberties and and environmental and employment laws aimed at protecting working people and the planet.

Onward and forward!